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Kimberly Cooper is a Marketing Manager with extensive experience at companies who provide innovative technology solutions to marketers looking to increase revenue.

Accomplishments include helping Dreampix (a start-up company):

  • Become profitable in one year
  • Acquire the first clients
  • Reach $1.2 Million yearly revenue within three years

When she first started at Dreampix, there were no clients, no marketing materials, and no identified targets.  As with most start-up companies, she wore many hats, including the one of Marketing Manager.  Before the company had any clients, she created marketing programs by:

  • Identifying market demand
  • Segmenting the market to identify the high-margin prospects
  • Crafting value propositions that resonated with each target market’s needs
  • Producing premium-quality marketing collateral to communicate value propositions

She executed lead generation campaigns that:

  • Resulted in 2,200% revenue growth in three years
  • Led prospects through the stages of the sales cycle:
    • Awareness > Recognition > Trust > Conversion > Retention

Throughout her career she has helped clients accomplish their business objectives by:

  • Conceptualizing solutions that are aligned with business goals
  • Identifying necessary resources for executing the plan
  • Hiring and directing vendors and staff to effectively deliver clients’ expected results
  • Directing cross-functional teams of Marketing, Sales, Creative, Support and Engineering to execute marketing projects

She’s always been known for her ability to

  • Know what the client needs even when they don’t
  • Communicate effectively to a broad range of audiences
  • Solve qualitative problems with quantitative solutions

She holds Digital Marketing Certifications from Market Motive in the areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Web Analytics.

Her creativity, attention to detail, and ability to put together all the “nuts and bolts” stems from her bachelor degree in Architecture from Georgia Tech.

She also received an M.S. in Real Estate Development at NYU where she developed her entrepreneurial skills.  The program focused on the entire life cycle of development including financial analysis, market analysis, and project management.

With a major interest in design, she makes a lifestyle out of continually and resourcefully decorating her home.  She also enjoys staying healthy and physically active by working out on a regular basis and going on the occasional hiking trip.

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Social Media - 3 years
Content Marketing - 11 years
Demand Generation - 11 years
Campaign Management - 8 years

Email: kimberly@kimberly-cooper.com