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Orabrush Marketing Case Study

How a Struggling Small Business Achieved Social Media Success

This is a story of how a small business with limited resources used social media to gain vast exposure and increase sales.

They have 112,000 YouTube subscribers and 268,000 Facebook “likes.”

Dr. Bob Wagstaff had an invention.  On paper it’s not a very interesting invention.  It’s a tongue scraper.  Oral care products are a generally boring category of product.  But Dr. Bob found a marketing approach that got his tongue scraper noticed and better yet, got his marketing message shared with millions – 33 million to be precise (at the time of this posting).

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Old Spice Twitter Campaign Case Study

New Tricks from Old Spice on Social Media

So you’d like to know how to create a viral campaign to increase your brand’s visibility?  Well, besides how to smell like a real man, you could learn a few things from the Old Spice guy. 

Old Spice really brought a new interpretation to the use of social media
A few weeks ago Old Spice took what was a well received Super Bowl TV ad back in February and kicked it into high gear with a whirlwind social media campaign that earned them:

  • 122+ million total upload views (and growing) on YouTube
  • The #1 most viewed channel this month
  • The #2 most subscribed sponsor channel of all time
  • 747,000+ Facebook Page “likes”
  • 2,550% growth in Twitter followers (+ 85,272) in just 6 days

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